Did you know that...

  • The "Pfadi" movement (Swiss Girl Guides and Boy Scouts) is Switzerland's biggest organization for young people, to which more than 22,000 girls and 28,000 boys belong?
  • The Pfadi is completely independent of politics and religion?
  • The "Pfadi Trotz Allem" (Pfadi Despite Everything) gives disabled children and young people the chance of participation on an equal footing?
  • Pfadi leaders are trained by the latest methods in cooperation with the Swiss "Jugend + Sport" (Youth and Sport) organization?
  • The worldwide Girl Guides and Boy Scouts organization has over 38 million members in more than 160 countries?

Our activities

With a tradition going back nearly a century, the Swiss Girl Guides and Boy Scouts movement knows all the needs of children and young people. And you certainly know us as well: from books, films and stories – so it's high time to join!
Whether town or country, indoors or outdoors, our events are just as varied as the interests of our young members: We focus on doing everything together – making plans, forging friendships, talking our hearts out.

Age groups

Children and young people can join the following groups, according to age:
  • Cubs (aged 6 to 10)
  • Scouts and Guides (10 to 14)
  • "Cordées", Raiders or Pioneers (14 to 17)
  • Rovers (18 and older)
A good many Rovers also act as leaders for the other age groups. They are prepared in good time for this challenging task, and trained accordingly.

Our goals

Girl Guides and Boy Scouts enjoy unforgettable experiences, make firm friendships and have a lot of fun. In this way they also acquire social competencies by learning how to:
  • fully develop their own personalities
  • consider other people in social life and solve conflicts
  • be critical both inwardly and outwardly; stay open and thoughtful
  • take responsibility for themselves and others
  • respect nature and behave with environmental awareness.
In accordance with their traditional motto "Be Prepared", the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts believe in learning by doing. As far as possible, each age group works out its own activities, thus going through the exciting experience of putting dreams into practice!

Joining the Girl Guides or Boy Scouts is easy – everyone is welcome to come and "sniff the air" at any time! Nobody ever forgets the fun, friendship and adventure they found in the Girl Guides or Boy Scouts – like a lot of famous personalities all over the world...